Earthquake insurance in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area

Earthquake insurance

There are two types of earthquake insurance, basic and comprehensive. During an earthquake, these two policies will protect your home. The basic policy provides limited coverage. The comprehensive policy provides additional coverage.

Most people have a basic earthquake insurance policy, which covers their structure of the home and personal property. The deductible stops people from buying earthquake insurance along with the price.

The basic or standard earthquake insurance policy provides dwelling protection and limited personal property coverage. They provide substantial premium savings over more comprehensive earthquake insurance policies.

The comprehensive earthquake insurance has more coverage. Dwelling, other structures, contents and additional living expenses are included in comprehensive earthquake insurance. Comprehensive earthquake insurance provides better protect, but comes with a price.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to have earthquake insurance in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area.  Owning your home free and clear, you must have earthquake insurance. The house is your biggest asset. Earthquake insurance is to protect the homeowner in case of a natural disaster and total loss. This does happen, we just do not know when.

If you have other questions or concerns about your California earthquake insurance policy, just contact the agents at Fidelity Insurance Service for assistance.