Homeowners Insurance doesn't cover floods in California

Homeowners Insurance doesn't cover floods

You've already shopped and found a good homeowners insurance policy but may not realize until it's too late that your home policy doesn't cover flood insurance.  At Fidelity Insurance Service, we can look at your California homeowners insurance policy to see if you need a separate flood insurance policy.  You don’t want to wait until you have a flood to realize it’s not covered.

Flood damage due to rising water or a flash flood can happen at any time and you always want to make sure you’re covered.  Because flood damage is not covered under homeowner policies, any damage that occurs must be paid for out of your pocket.   With as little as two inches of water in your home, you could be faced with thousands of dollars in repairs, from replacing your flooring to drywall removal and repair.   All of which has to be removed due to the likelihood of mold developing on damp surfaces.

Flood insurance can be added through the National Flood Insurance Program, many times at very little cost.  Your home dwelling as well as the contents can then be covered giving you peace of mind to know all your home insurance risks are covered.

Let Fidelity Insurance Service help you choose the right Berkeley and San Francisco Bay flood insurance coverage for your property.