Important Questions for Business Owners in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay area’s

Important Questions for Business Owners

Business owners in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay area’s need to protect their businesses and having the right insurance and knowing what questions to ask is important.   At Fidelity Insurance Service, we can help you protect your business assets so all the time, money, and effort you spend in building your business will not be lost.

  1. What types of California business insurance policies does my business need?   Our agents at Fidelity Insurance Service can help you evaluate your business insurance needs to make sure you are completely covered.  These policies can include Business owners, General Liability, Workers Comp and Commercial Auto.
  2. Which risks are covered?  Most policies cover accidents or damages that occur because of using goods or services sold by your company.  They protect your business if you are sued for injuries or damages.
  3. What are the coverage limits?  The coverage limits determine how much will be paid out if your business suffers a loss, after your deductible has been paid. Our Berkeley and San Francisco Bay area business insurance agents can help you make sure your limits are enough to cover an unfortunate event.
  4. What will happen if I die or retire?  Having a plan in place for when this happens will give you peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Asking the right questions concerning your business and the insurance coverages you need are essential.  Call our office at Fidelity Insurance Service or come by to talk with an agent to make sure your business is properly protected.