Most common property and liability claims for businesses in California

businesses in California

Small businesses in California can have a variety of claims relating to liability, injury or damage.  Most of the time the most common ones can be the most costly.  Here are some of the costliest and some ways they may be prevented:

Customer Injury – when a custom slips and falls, they may be injured at your business.  Cleaning spills as soon as they occur is a simple way to keep clean floors on your property.   Keep the floor area clear of tripping hazards and clutter.

Fire – fire damage can be very costly for any business.  Establishing a fire safety checklist can help with minimizing the damage.  You can also install sprinklers or suppression system for additional safety.

Weather – winds and hail can easily damage any commercial building.  Keep your trees well maintained and protect windows.

Water and flooding - make sure key employees are aware of where the water turn-off value is in case of a water problem.  Also, keep pipes insulated in case of freezing temperatures.

Theft – burglary and theft can occur from beak ins or employees.  Security systems will help with loss due to theft.

Have the agents at Fidelity Insurance Service in Berkeley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, review or give you a quote on your current business liability and property policies to ensure you are properly covered.