NIAC Webinar for Members

NIAC (Non-Profits Insurance Alliance of California) will be hosting a FREE webinar for current members on August 3rd. Please let us know if you are interested in participating and our agency will be sure to help you get registered.<br /> <br /> Here is the info...<br /> <br /> <strong>August 3rd - Member Services (for current Accounts)<br /> <em>Are you taking advantage of all the FREE RESOURCES available to you as a member of NIAC?</em></strong> With budgets being cut and funding down you need to leverage all resources available to you. Spend one-hour attending this webinar and find ways to save your organization additional dollars. Learn about all of the great trainings and services that are available to you as a member-insured. Presenters: Susan Bradshaw, Vice-President of Marketing Member &amp; Broker Services and Ann Shanklin, Director of Loss Control.