Protecting Your Home from Burglaries in California

Protecting Your Home

Burglaries and home invasions are terrifying and can happen to anyone.  Sometimes, they may occur, however, due to negligence by the homeowner or renter.  By taking some simple steps to keep your home safe, you can decrease the chances of a home invasion and may be able to save money or discounts on your home or renters insurance in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay areas.

A homeowner or renter in California can take these precautions to avoid being a victim:

  • Secure all windows and doors with a sturdy lock. Even when you are at the home.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  They can keep an eye out for your home if you’re gone or are on vacation.
  • Do not leave any boxes or bags from recent expensive purchases in your trash areas.  These can entice burglars.
  • Installing sensor lighting on the outside of your home can ward away potential break-ins.
  • Keep the outside of your home clean and well maintained.
  • Be sure all bushes/trees and flowers are trimmed away from bottom floor windows.
  • Install a security system.

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