Secure your Property with California Earthquake Insurance

California Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are natural disasters which occur often in California. And one of the worst things about an earthquake is that they tend to strike without warning. To provide your family with the resources and the financial capacity to recover or rebuild after a quake, it’s best to obtain earthquake insurance on top of your regular California homeowners insurance policy.

Choosing the Right Earthquake Insurance Coverage

It’s important to note that an insurance policy for earthquakes is usually not included in your regular house insurance policy. Since the recovery process involved after an earthquake is usually more complex and costly, you will need to pay an additional premium to get this extra coverage.

Earthquake insurance premium rates tend to vary depending on several factors. Expect to pay higher premiums if you live in an earthquake-prone zone. Other considerations include how old your home or property is and which materials are used in its construction.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Company

While there are several California home insurance companies that offer earthquake insurance policies, it’s best to choose an insurer that offers flexible, full coverages at affordable rates. Our agents at Fidelity Insurance Service, covering Berkeley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, can answer questions you may have about the different insurance companies and match youup with the best available policy.

Earthquakes can strike anytime; and the repercussions they carry are anything but simple. Protect your home and your family today by getting a free California earthquake insurance quote from Fidelity Insurance Service.